Friday, 5 July 2013

What's In A Name anyway?

Katie Hopkins - Class Warrior or Internet troll?

Over the past few weeks the name 'Katie Hopkins' has been appearing frequently on my Twitter feed. Or as she is known on there, @kthopkins. It appeared to be a general mixed bag of ill feeling towards this woman, calling her names ranging from 'snob', 'snooty' to 'insufferable old harpy' and the blunt genius of 'cunt'. Now, not having the slightest clue who this woman who was causing such ill feeling actually was, i thought I'd check out what all the fuss was about.

It appears she was a 'well known' contestant on that cavalcade of cuntery, The Apprentice (do people still watch it?) a few years ago. Gaining notoriety for being 'outspoken and forthright' - or in other words a fame hungry gobshite. Delving into the murky depths of her previous tweets it was fairly easy to see why people were getting their knickers in a twist over this woman. The tweets ranged from denigrating stay at home mums, sneering down her nose at women who take too much maternity leave and aren't back at work within three weeks like she was (which is a breeze when your offspring are cared for by a nanny) and generally calling a 'spade a spade' (which usually equates to the person being an insufferable twat). Now, people like this wouldn't usually be on my radar, but something about her condescending tone and general lack of empathy to anyone who isn't 'monied' made the hairs on my neck stand to attention. I sat and digested what she was spouting to her eleven thousand followers and gave her the benefit of the doubt that she was either just being pixyish and provocative to gain another 15 minutes in the showbiz spotlight or that she was just being a bit of a troll and didn't actually believe the things she was misguidedly pontificating upon.

Fast forward a few weeks and still the bilious, snooty tripe was pouring forth from her twitter account and still people were frothing at the mouth to put her in her place. I had to admire her zeal and how she was certainly doing a hell of a job in winding people up. 

Then yesterday a YouTube video appeared on my timeline of her being interviewed on This Morning with Pip Schofield and Holly Willoughby (not a programme I've ever watched to be honest but bear with me here) regarding her opinions on children's names. The crux of her idiotic ramblings was that she would deter he precious little poppets from ever mixing with kids with 'inferior sounding' names such as Tyler, Brooklyn, Kylie or Chantelle etc because you can tell just from a name that they are not from good enough stock to ever have anything to do with her or her kids. She appeared to be of the opinion that you can tell EVERYTHING you need to know about a child just by hearing it's name. Tyler = dodgy. Brooklyn = generic working class and a bit iffy. Kylie = your mum is a tramp darling. I sat in front of my computer screen open mouthed at her pious and offensive bile and flabbergasted that someone with such a blinkered and self righteous world view was allowed to judge other peoples children in this way live on television. The hosts and the other guest were quite right to attempt to argue that what she was dribbling forth was complete and utter bollocks, but still she rambled on. This is when the penny finally dropped that she does actually believe what she says. The highlight of this nine minutes of twattery was the following exchange between her and the old silver fox Pip Schofield...

Katie - "i don't like geographical names like children named after places"

Pip - "Your child's called India"

Honestly, you couldn't make this shit up. She argued herself into an upper middle class cul-de-sac and suddenly you could see the realisation in her eyes that her argument was being picked apart at the seams by those well known intellectuals Schofe and Willoughby. Well done Katie, you've outed yourself as a class obsessed, crashing bore on daytime telly! 

So, why am i even bothering to give this self styled attention whore an hour of my time by writing this piece about her? Well, lets take a little look around us at the moment. The country is run more or less by a quango of Tory public schoolboy toffs who have absolutely no idea how the working classes manage to live and get by. Dave, Gideon, William, Michael and Boris wouldn't have a clue what Lidl is, let alone shop there. The lack of understanding and empathy for people who struggle to get by is a bitter pill to swallow in this day and age when they are being penalised by politicians who despise them. So when an incredibly snooty, condescending, fame hungry, attention whore such as Katie Hopkins sets herself up as some sort of moral arbiter of the working classes then it's job done dearest, you've got my full attention and you've got your fifteen minutes of fame again.

Here's hoping your darling little babies friends don't ever hear what a fatuous, snobbish, blinkered, wretched woman their mummy is. Playground bullying can be a terrible thing.

Oh and by the way, the working class scumbag who's writing this has a son by the name of 'Oliver'. Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it Duchess. 

Rob H - July 2013

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