Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The B-Team - Reviewed by Carl Stanley

The B Team

Think Bash Street Kids planning a riot that includes a Laurel & Hardy combo and PC/Media savvy nutters who struggle to earn their football hooligan stripes, they are The B Team.
Put together by jonny Owen (Shameless,Svengali) and Pete Jones (Rob Brydon's brother) with Eddie Piller as "Old Vic", a fila wearing football yob mod, The B Team will have you creasing up as they desperately try to make the top 5 in the "Hoolie League" so they can join the elite and follow England, but at joint 12th with Barnet things arn't looking to good.
From getting their fixtures mixed up and accidently bumping into Millwall to losing their signals on their phones and not realising Cardiff City are right behind them.
Follow Jay, Dog, Big Les, Justin and Old Vic as they plot and scheme from their London pub...you've seen the teaser.... Episode 1 coming soon...narration by The IT Crowds Matt Berry..

Absolutely hilarious...as someone who could always find a mysterious pie stall, and lurk in it's queue whenever there was a big off in the air, I doff my dearstalker to the B-Team...' Irvine Welsh....

'Brilliant...Dads Army for Casuals'...James Brown Sabotage Times..

© Carl Stanley - April 2011

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