Friday, 9 April 2010

So i've finally succumbed.

"Blog. Blogs. Blogging. Journal. Diary."

Words that conjure up all kinds of strange imagery. From the Emo kid sat in their bedroom writing doom laden prose about boys in eyeliner, to the spiky haired Hoxton metrosexual writing about his "oi oi!banter!" fuelled Saturday night on the tiles getting smashed on bottles of blue WKD or even the techno nerd almost orgasmic with gushing praise about his Macbook or latest iPhone app.

None of the above particularly appeal to me in any way but i've recently had an epiphany.

Let me explain...

The older i get (i'm 36 now) the grumpier and more opinionated i become and the more i feel the need to have my say.
It's not an earth shattering discovery i'll grant you, but one that has got me thinking more and more over recent months. Now this may sound a bit 'soft' to certain people but it really is cathartic to rant and rave on the internet. It's nice to be able to spout forth your opinions on things you hold dear to you. It's comforting to be able to get things off your chest and be able to let others see what makes you tick and maybe chew the fat about what you've written.

Hopefully i'll update this blog regularly when i've got some 'good shit' to get off my chest. I'll be pontificating on things i'm into such as music and football but there will be the odd curve ball thrown in for good measure to keep people on their toes. Some of it may be of interest, some of it may fly right over people's heads and i'm almost certain some of it may just provoke people to make 'wanker' signs at their monitors and dissolve into fits of laughter.

So there you have it. My reasoning for succumbing to the blogging phenomonen. Lets hoist the main sail and head for the high seas!



  1. I'm turning into a ponce.

  2. welcome - good luck sir, it's a fine road you've started on.